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Namaste! I am a free-spirited gypsy at heart, lover of people, animals, yoga, & expressing through any type of unique movement that draws me closer to The Divine! I teach through a versatile style of Vinyasa, Hatha, & Yin Restorative. I am also certified in crystal healing energy medicine. My love of the metaphysical has given me the opportunity to train in parts of Europe learning yoga techniques, myofascial therapy, harnessing beautiful connections, and what it has taught me most is just how sacred every present moment is. If I were to explain what yoga has brought into my human experience, the most appropriate word would be ‘UNITY’. Becoming an instructor has revealed so many exceptional joys, likeminded energies, and the encouraging of well being for a group of souls from all walks of life to come together as one union, as one. Unity in diversity! My teaching goal is to continue learning, growing and accepting the conditions of what life may bring. So ecstatic to be on this journey with Amethyst Healing Spa!


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Brian Love is a sound healer, yoga and meditation teacher, certified massage therapist/energy healer and shamanic practitioner. 

After years of spiritual seeking Brian yearned to move to a temple or ashram and become a monk, feeling his place amongst society was over, but was not sure where to go and his spiritual guru insisted he wait.  

A yogi friend encouraged him to become a yoga teacher and to join the 200 RYT program they were about to start and really helped him to accomplish this goal. Brian thought it might be a happy medium between the spiritual and mundane worlds here and help him stay amongst society.  In the middle of the course Brian had a revelation; realizing he would combine his love and passion for healing, music and Yoga meditation into one as sound healing meditation. Brian held regular classes twice a week for a little over two years until he met a shamanic teacher who started coming to his classes. Brian stopped teaching to study shamanism full time, apprenticing under his teacher. This rigorous study continued for 2 1/2 years until Brian came back to teach publicly again in April of 2018 and has since married shamanism into the mix of his sound healing meditations. These days Brian is diving deeper into yoga and meditation through Kriya Yoga, Raja yoga and Buddhism more then ever and conducts monthly exclusive sound healing meditation workshops. 



After graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Michael traded in his cleats for a clipboard and became one of the most innovative performance specialists in southern California as a strength and conditioning coach. He has since worked with many college and high school athletes, some of which have gone on to play sports at major universities and professionally in the US and Canada respectively. Specializing in naturally efficient movement patterns and fluid mobility necessary for sports performance, Michael has now taken his studies and expertise to the general public. From young athletes and dancers, to middle-aged weekend warriors, to mothers losing weight after childbirth, Michael guarantees results. Known as the Saavedra Method, Michael takes a holistic approach, treating every body as unique, as we all enjoy a lifelong journey toward optimal health, fitness, and wellbeing.



Phyllis Douglass is a certified yoga teacher through Western Yoga College, E-RYT, Yacep, Massage Therapist, and a pilates trainer with 25+ years of experience teaching, providing workshops, and facilitating wellness and spiritual retreats. She has practiced yoga and meditation for many years, and was guided to bring it back to its origin of truth - the interconnectivity of body, mind and soul!



I am a native Californian who loves God and yoga (with yoga a close second). I am a local resident of San Dimas, and have been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years. I am certified in Holy Yoga Instruction and registered as a 200-Hour yoga teacher, and certified Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor, which is a cardio based workout regimen. Outside of teaching yoga, I am a student at Azusa Pacific University in the process of obtaining a teachers credential and masters in Physical Education. Only by the grace of God, I am a mother to my 10-month old daughter, Sofie, and wife to my wonderful husband, Greg.  

In my yoga teaching, I emphasize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit as they are united through the strength and power of Christ Jesus. My approach to teaching is rooted in Christian beliefs to create an authentic opportunity for anyone to experience God’s peace and presence as they move their bodies to encounter Him. A student can expect a gentle yoga practice centered on a biblical verse that serves as the purposeful meditation of the class. My hope is that my teaching is guided by the Holy Spirit. 

All are sincerely welcomed with love and grace!



Hi! My name is Skyla. I started practicing yoga 5 years ago and teaching 3 years ago. My personal goal and message I would like to share with anyone I flow with, is to allow your mind, body and soul to intersect and heal itself. I am a heavy believer in holistic medicine and having a holistic lifestyle. Understanding the only true way to heal or progress something is to consistently practice, make new habits, new patterns, and a refurbished lifestyle.

All of Amethyst’s yoga instructors are fully certified to instruct and guide you through the yogic practices offered here. Each instructor should make you feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you walk through the door. Please be sure to share any personal injuries, pregnancies, or special requests with them so they can adjust the practice to best suit your needs. Expect to begin each class with grounding breathwork and powerful intention setting, and each instructor’s unique style is sure to give you a fresh experience every time.


If you don’t receive professional and courteous service from one of our instructors, we urge you to inform us immediately by calling (909) 392-9322 and asking for Brandi Aguayo or Monique Nguyen.

Thank you!