The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

-Pablo Picasso

Hi! Im I am Brandi Aguayo. I am a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and currently studying to add life-coach to my tool belt. It's It is my mission in life to better improve the world and people around me. I first attempted My initial attempt at to achieving this was through in the hair and makeup world when I was 17 seventeen. As lovely as it was, I was still looking for a deeper way to help people really see themselves at their fullest potential. That's what brought me to the Mind and Body world. 


In my work I help people to eliminate their pain.  This is accomplished whether through manual therapy by bringing awareness to movement patterns causing physical pain, recognizing limiting belief patterns, and then by ultimately helping people strengthen and stretch the body. I find discovered that this can be life changing. One of my greatest passions in life is to witness or be a part of transformational healing leading to unbelievable incredible untapped potential. I remember making mud pies in the backyard when I was little while by mixing in some of my mother’s herbs and spices and praying to God it would cure someone’s cancer. I have a heart for healing this world and the people in it with by utilizing my unique stamp of body work and shifting their mindsets of scarcity into abundance. 


I consider myself a lifetime student and love to learn! Some of my education includes: Cosmetology License, Body Sugaring Certificate, California Massage Therapy License, MDX Level 1 certified, Tom Meyers Upper Body Coarse, 200hr YTT , Tony Robins-Madanes Coaching Certificate, Transformational Coach certified by Academy of Heroic Conversation.


My future training will consist of Stretch to Win I, II, III, Academy of Healing Nutrition, and possibly ayervedic Ayurvedic medicine.


When Im I am not in my treatment room you can find me wrestling with my 2 two girls, enjoying an MMA fight with my hubby, or in my rare alone time cuddled up with a good book with my candles and diffuser going.


I look forward to see discovering how I can assist you on your journey!